Troll name for WoW - tricks: creative naming

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Troll name for WoW - tricks: creative naming

The correct character name is important.

To find an appropriate name Troll

In World of Warcraft the past the trolls of cruelty and mysticism is crossed and yet the people Darkspear blossomed under the hand of Vol'jin at a good and powerful ally of the horde.

  • A beginning for creative Troll naming it when using known prefixes. Namensvorsilben repeated often in Trolls. Also popular are for example "volume", "Sen" or "Max".
  • Also, the baying of syllables is welcome. A "Taktak" or "jibjib" devised quickly and gives a good name Troll ago.
  • Furthermore, seems a tendency to "hissing" insist -Lauten. For the letter "Z" is excellent and brings your troll origin even more advantage.
  • The daisy chaining of the same letter or a sequence of nouns is also typical. How about, for example, with a "Zuul", "Gnaarn" or "Evening anger".

Examples of the correct naming in WoW

  • Of course, it depends on whether you play a male or female troll and what should express your character. Now why a few examples for each sex. Of course you can also go to the examples change something or cobble together a name for itself from the above points. Male trolls you could mandrel Dämmerstich, Zuljab, Zaarn, Zoulyn, Zouar, Marmour, Mourmour, Zantaar, Arkanzar, Volzan, Jinzul, Jintar or Jinzo call etc.. Female trolls although at Lantana, Zalana, Zalzane, Lanaar, Katana, Ozaana, Gingaar, Zanjun, Grimblana, Droma, Naztira, Ying, Sephy or Sinsia hot etc.
  • If you have considered a name, you can certainly also a couple of your players and friends (which most experienced) ask them what they think of the name, and whether it would fit. To have other opinions.
  • Consider choosing the Troll name that you spend time with your avatar and you must like the name for a long time. Otherwise, a lot of fun and success in finding a name.
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