Trotzphase 2 years - so you go right in order

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Trotzphase 2 years - so you go right in order

So sweet they are not always.

Babies and toddlers are usually good and well-behaved, with 2 years that can change abruptly. Your braves and sociable child bitchy at once at small things and starts screaming and stomping. The terrible twos has started and in front of you is a time when you need strong nerves.

With 2 years changes a lot

  • From the age of 2 years, the child slowly realizes that there is a personality and that it can make a difference. It considers the environment more accurately and quickly learn that once something gets paid with screams.
  • In general, the terrible twos runs so that the child can get upset quickly for a trifle, and begins to cry. It stomps on the ground, the skin around or lying on the ground and occurs around. Each child is a little different, but crying is always there.
  • Some children even do it for so long was hollering and yelling until they fall asleep exhausted. While some children distract or be calmed, helps others not much, they just have to write out their frustrations.
  • If the child is now getting what it wants, the tantrum would stop immediately, because it has got his way, that would be educational but a big mistake.

To go with the terrible twos to

  • In most children the terrible twos from the age of 3 1/2 years is becoming increasingly rare, while others stuck with almost 5 years still in the middle. It also depends on a bit of the personality of the child.
  • Remember a good: If you respond to the cry of attack with crying, that does not help much. The child is at that moment so enraged that it would probably not even notice.
  • Talk quietly with the child and try to calm it. Many children help it if they are taken firmly into the arm and noted that there is someone who loves them in spite of the outbreak.
  • Would your child like to run your head against the wall and it is as blind in its fury, make sure that nothing stands in the way of what could be injured. In this case it is even useful when you hold it, although it thrashes about.
  • If you forbid your child something, tell him why. You can also try to reach a compromise with the child. While it gets the object is not, but you play with him at home memory. Some children can be an already in infancy to compromise.
  • Do not give in to the terrible twos. If the child gets even know what it wants, it will defy repeatedly because it knows it gets the thing then.

Parents broke strong nerves, some even more than others. Just keep in mind that the terrible twos will have an end. Always remain calm and go when needed from the room and breathe for five minutes. You must never lose control of himself.

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