Trousers slip - what to do?

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Trousers slip - what to do?

The ideal pants every move - without slipping.

Why slipping some clothes?

  • The reason for this annoyance is most erroneous processing. A good tailor knows that substances consist of individual threads that make up a particular grid - it is also called longitudinal and transverse filaments or "warp and weft". The warp threads should ideally be perpendicular to the leg of your pants. But if the substance has not been cut and processed accordingly, slip the legs.
  • Very bad Nähfehler can sometimes discover before the sale by testing wear the pants. If you only at home notice the evil and the conversion period has already passed, try your complaint right to use it. Finally, these are not a bad buy, but defective goods.

Tricks for your legs

If you want to keep to shifting trousers, should make a virtue of necessity.

  • A tight trousers can be combined, for example, with high boots or gauntlets. Among them, the seams can be sent to hide. Who additionally plugged pant legs into socks, possibly even prevent slipping.
  • As a permanent solution, you can convert the garment in a stirrup pants. These attach a short piece of rubber band (about 10 cm) to the seam edges of the leg side seams with a few stitches. This tension you later when worn over your heels. Such a change also prevents slipping of trouser legs.
  • Frequently, the area on the lower legs is problematic. From such a pants, a summery short variant can tailor. Whether shorts or hotpants - the shorter the pants, the less disturbing the incorrect processing of your pants.
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