Trout is healthy - recipe for a tasty fish dish

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Trout is healthy - recipe for a tasty fish dish

Rainbow trout are waiting for their preparation.

Why fish - especially trout - is so healthy

  • Fish is healthy. It provides valuable protein and so-called essential amino acids. These are amino acids that the body needs but does not produce itself, but must absorb through food (the omega-3 fatty acid for example)
  • Fish is also easily digested by its low connective tissue in the meat - and he thereby contains very little carbohydrates. As for the fat of fish, there are differences. Eel or halibut, for example are not exactly low in fat, as you know - a lot of it is so for a deliberately low-fat diet is not as low.
  • And here, the trout brings into play: It belongs to the so-called lean fish because you only to contain more than 2% fat. allow a so healthy foods are - to this a few fat and the aforementioned proteins and valuable amino acids are still a lot of vitamins and minerals added, the fish - and here precisely especially the lean trout.
  • Would you like to know exactly what is included in such a trout, or should be included so that it is a real "German noble trout"? Corresponding values ​​can be found for example in the "marketing association Trout" - and you can see the distribution of protein, fat and carbohydrates is really excellent seen nutritionally.

As your fish is particularly good for the heart

  • Why the heart is mentioned here? Because when it comes to the positive impact of the enjoyment of fish (mainly recorded by omega-3 fatty acid), studies out there that show that the type of preparation has an influence on how well these positive effects on the heart and make vessels noticeable.
  • Briefly: boiled, cooked and baked is better than fried, salted or dried. Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have led to a long-term study of more than 185,000 people whose (fish) ess- and analyzed cooking habits and have come to this conclusion.
  • Therefore, here for you a particularly healthy trout recipe, rather than the popular "Forelle Müllerin". The is fried, added delicious and of course - a fish - still very healthy, but it's just in terms of your health even better.

Stuffed baked trout - healthy and delicious

  1. Wash the trout (you may have to still make an exception, then wash particularly well), salt them and sprinkle the lemon juice on it.
  2. Place the fish individually in aluminum foil. This must be large enough, will be needed to wrap the trout completely therein.
  3. During the next work step - the preparation of stuffing - you can already pre-heat the oven (200 degrees), just to go fast.
  4. Fry in butter the small diced onions on. Are these glassy, ​​enter the finely sliced ​​mushrooms to. Season with salt and pepper and not too little fresh parsley.
  5. Now fill the trout with this mushroom mixture and place before you wrap them in aluminum foil, even the lemon slices on top. Seal the foil firmly, so that no liquid can escape, but place them previously loosely around the fish.
  6. Cook the "fish packets" around thirty minutes at 200 degrees. After about twenty minutes, you can - especially in smaller fish - but look already once if they do already. simply Carefully open a packet, you can indeed closed again if the time has not yet passed.

These filled, baked trout suit jacket potatoes very good.

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