Truckers - content, training and development opportunities

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Truckers - content, training and development opportunities

As king of the road to know the world

Truck drivers - professional of passion

  • Most truckers pursue their profession with passion. Judging by the efforts and hardships associated with this job, the salary is hardly justified.
  • For this job you need training for professional drivers.
  • This training takes place in companies in the travel, road haulage and passenger transport as well as in the vocational school and lasts three years.
  • During the first 1.5 years you learn in practice the operation of the vehicles, the assessment of road safety by a simple visual inspection, the hedging of accident and danger zones, the implementation of work orders, the situational leading discussions and planning of driving under know economics.
  • In the second half of the practical training you will learn how the acquisition and exit inspection is carried out, how to check the cargo at defects, determining passenger safety, the reading and the use of control instruments, regulations for the transport and various combinations of vehicles.
  • In theory, you will learn the representation of your company, the shipment of goods, planning and implementation of routes, the use of buses, transportation of special goods, inter alia,

Content and development opportunities

  • The content can be 2.000 € for a truck drivers gross per month. For this you need but sometimes work away from home for several days and can not see your family. Add to this the rigors driving the vehicle and the pressure-time delivery.
  • The income can be increased, by making up with its own freight transport companies on their own or are partners. but this you need a master for road transport and sufficient equity.
  • A study of traffic engineering is possible for professional drivers.
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