TUI Card Gold - these advantages they bring you

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TUI Card Gold - these advantages they bring you

These advantages you have with the TUI Card Gold.

For general information about TUI Card

  • The VISA credit card Commerzbank TUI Card is available as a Classic or Gold version.
  • With two types of cards, you have the functions of a normal credit card and additional services relating to travel.
  • Within the two card types Classic and Gold must once again distinguish between the "normal" version and the ONE version.
  • The "normal" TUI Cards Classic and Gold are valid for up to six travelers, while the ONE versions of the two types of cards are cheaper, but only for single travelers validity.
  • The price of the TUI Card Classic is € 69.90 per year for the "normal" version and in the version ONE € 34.90 per year.
  • The TUI Card Gold is available for € 119.90 in the "normal" version and € 69.90 in the ONE version.

Additional services with the TUI Card Gold

  • With the TUI Card, all services of TUI Card Classic, also, however, other additional services.
  • Services, the TUI Card Classic contains mainly, are a travel insurance, protection against change fees, a trip interruption insurance, free seat reservation, the free bonus program Bonitos and world no foreign assignment fee.
  • The additional benefits you get gold through the TUI Card, is a travel insurance, emergency assistance and emergency insurance, a travel accident insurance, luggage insurance, 30 kg free baggage allowance at a variety of charter airlines, worldwide free cash withdrawals and other savings and benefits ,
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