Turkish Clothing - what you should consider when buying

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Turkish Clothing - what you should consider when buying

When shopping in Turkey pay attention to a few things. Katharina_Wieland_Müller / Pixelio

In Turkey-holiday buying clothes

Many vacationers Turkey takes like one or the other Turkish garment home.

  • Visitors to the island in Turkey already buys possibly a pair of jeans or other clothing because they are having so cheap. The problem with this is that the textiles may contain toxic agents. Although such may as in clothes that you buy in Germany in the store, ordered in mail order or purchases on the Internet, be present, even in expensive clothes, many who strongly respects at home when buying clothes on such aspects, however, sees when he is in a relaxed mood, often only the bargains and then attacks like once. If you therefore is important to buy textiles which have very little polluted, consider. Before buying, how realistic it is that you get such money for this
  • Apart from the risk to get themselves by wearing contaminated clothing, for example, an allergy, there is also the problem that the fabric itself is indeed may hardly loaded, the employees, however, are exposed in the production of major health burdens. Games such ethical aspects when buying clothes for a role, you must not forget this when you are faced with tempting great deals in Turkey holiday.

Turkish souvenirs and the customs

Buyer cheaper textiles sometimes just adds another problem, that of piracy.

  • Buying in Turkey cheap clothes, it may be counterfeit branded products. Acquire only for your personal use such a garment, you usually have nothing to fear. However, if the amount or other circumstances at customs to give the impression as if you wanted money with counterfeit trademark clothing money, you have penal consequences, the same is true if you have it sent to purchased imitations by post (after the fact).
  • Customs has also otherwise has any role, because for goods imported from non-EU countries, there is a travel allowance. What is above this limit, is tax and duty charge. So Please check before your trip, as here, the conditions for Turkey, so the chic leather jacket not ultimately be considerably more expensive. Especially if you do not sign the clothing at customs, and are caught, it will be expensive, because then the customs still a fine and, from a certain height, even a criminal tax on you belongs.
  • Buying expensive brand clothing, you are immune even from harm because it can happen that you only pay for the supposed brand. Therefore, you should check the quality and make sure that the seams, the lining or the zippers are intact and all is well processed. If you are not sure that the quality is adequate for the price, it is often better to refrain from buying.

If you do the buying clothes properly, you can have great joy in your Turkish garments, only a few things you should just pay attention.

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