Turksat - frequencies

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Turksat - frequencies

Not all television satellites transmit the offer of Turksat.

Would you like to receive in Germany station of the Turkish cable operator Turksat, you need a large satellite dish and still have to take, especially in bad weather reception problems in buying. This is due to the curvature of the earth. Turksat is a cable network operator that operates various communication satellites. These are constantly expanded.

Turksat can be received in Germany

  • It is possible to receive Turksat in Germany, you will need a digital receiver and a satellite system with a parabolic antenna, which has at least 90 centimeters in diameter.
  • You should know that the signal strength is reduced at some stations because it is not desired that this be received throughout Europe. This is one of the reasons why the reception of TV channels is so difficult in Germany. Generally it can succeed but, align the transmitter accordingly. You must aim at the correct satellite in any case and know the frequencies.

You need to align your LNB on the right frequencies

  • In 2013, the satellite Turksat 2A is turned off, you must use the frequencies of Turksat 3A. This will provide 2023 Reception by the year. However, it is planned more satellites. In 2013 Turksat 4A is launched, it has a position of 42 degrees East. Turksat 4B will start in 2014 on the position of 50 degrees East.
  • Turksat 3A is about 42 degrees East reached. Take a SAT-Finder to find a good position, and make sure that the view of the sky without tall buildings or trees is hampered.

That the reception in Germany is so difficult to be attributed to the curvature of the Earth's axis. Television reception is tuned to Turkey, and this is known to be very much further south than Germany. (All figures: Stand 07/2013)

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