turn off the lights with the iPhone? - To create the necessary conditions

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turn off the lights with the iPhone?  - To create the necessary conditions

Modern home automation systems can be controlled via iPhone.

From the go turn off the lights at home?

something is happening not only in the mobile devices, also in the control of the home electronics and home automation.

  • One of the most advanced home automation systems is called "Home Automatic" and makes its central control unit for energy efficiency and safety in your home. With the right app for iPhone, you can not turn off only by traveling the light, if you have forgotten it in the morning rush, you can also control individual devices and their heating.
  • In addition, you will be warned immediately with mobile threats, such as smoke or water and have your security system, such as alarm, window and door contacts in view and be alerted when unauthorized entry of your rooms immediately.
  • Who does not want the same change his entire house control, is also single electric outlets and / or switch (433 MHz) that can be controlled via the iPhone (with adapter) per app, for example, HBM TEC. These can be replaced with a few simple steps to standard sockets and switches. This, too, can significantly save energy, because the attached devices can be completely switched off and not running in standby mode.

The matching Apps for iPhone

  • Those who opt for a central control unit, which can be operated via iPhone, the matching app receives directly supplied to the plant. Here is particularly placed on ease of use and comfort. The app is graphically very well arranged and intuitive to use, single device, such as coffee or washing machine can be driven on the road and put into operation. And also all the systems, such as heating or lighting, can be mobile on and off.
  • Those who opt for the single solution via radio outlet or switch, find the right app to control 433 MHz radio outlets in the Apple iTunes Store. To avoid unpleasant noise during operation, the operation is recommended with a special adapter for your iPhone.
  • After selecting the Control key and the action signal is then transmitted first silently to the adapter and forwards them to the appropriate radio unit at home. Even so you can, for example, at home one of the light go on and off or activate a specific device on and off.

Have fun with the iPhone 4!

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