Turnip raw - recipe variations

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Turnip raw - recipe variations

Turnip can also be eaten raw. TiM_Caspary / Pixelio

Preparing a salad with turnip

If you want to eat turnip raw, you can, for example, preparing a delicious turnip salad.

  1. For the turnip salad you need to peel the first thing the turnip with a potato peeler or peeler.
  2. After peeling the turnip you can slice into thin slices and place ever in a salad bowl.
  3. Next, the clean pepper can be cored and are then mixed with finely diced the Mairübchenscheiben.
  4. In another bowl or in a measuring cup, you can mix now the sour cream with the salt, pepper and paprika.
  5. Refine the sour cream also still with chopped chives and then play it back on the turnip.
  6. Blending the turnip salad well and then serve it for grilled turkey fillet.

Serve raw turnip

Turnip can be served raw or in the form of a Carpaccio. Give it try!

  1. In order to prepare the turnip Carpaccio, you need to peel the turnip and then an extremely thin slice into slices.
  2. Set up after the Mairübchenscheiben on a large plate.
  3. Mix in a shaker after the olive oil, the sugar, vinegar and maybe some pepper and salt.
  4. Drizzle this mixture thereafter the Mairübchenscheiben.
  5. Cut after that the washed mushrooms into slices and place them around the Mairübchenscheiben around.
  6. Finally, the ham can be rolled too small rolls and then also served on the plate.
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