TV Over the Internet - how it works for public broadcasters

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TV Over the Internet - how it works for public broadcasters

TV on the Internet works via software.

Public Television on the Internet - it works

One way to look at the program of the public broadcaster on the Internet, is to use a software. Who installed the software Zattoo on his computer, ARD, ZDF, arte, n-tv and a variety of other channels can see now.

  • Since Zattoo is ad-supported, various commercials and banner ads are displayed outside the Commercial television.
  • In addition to a free version, you can also choose a commercial version that offers TV in a larger resolution and beyond without the insertion of commercials manages.
  • Zattoo provides the program of the public broadcaster as a flash streaming.

So take your Zattoo Internet TV into operation

The commissioning of Zattoo becomes quite straightforward. You need a valid e-mail address, then there are only a few steps to the Internet television.

  1. Download the software to your PC. The computer magazine Chip provides on its website a brief description and a download link for Zattoo available.
  2. On the PC "Start -> Run" and activate the application named Zattoo- "current version number" .exe.
  3. You will be prompted before start to add itself an account with Zattoo, so to register with a valid e-mail address and a password of your choice. This password you need to enter in the future, whenever you want to use Zattoo.
  4. After successful commissioning can be found in dark colored Zattoo window on the left a scroll area, which lists all currently available for Programs. By clicking on the program of your choice opens in the right pane, a small screen, in which the program is loaded. The relatively short waiting time use Zattoo to show commercials, then the actual Internet TV starts.
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