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The astronomical, so calendrical, spring begins on March 20th or 21st of each year. In meteorological terms, the year is divided into four quarters and the spring begins in this bill on March 1 and lasts exactly three months. But the spring is based not always on the calendar. When it really starts to feel not only the mild climate. The blossoming flora and fauna and the typical good humor with spring fever is the best start to the warm season.

In the spring of flora and fauna come to life

Springtime flowers as daffodils are one of the most beautiful herald of the coming warm half. In the home garden also the first tulips, snowdrops and crocuses delight you with their splashes of vibrant color.

The flowers come butterflies and bees. The buzzing and whirring in the air lets the winter acoustic verabschieden.Typisch for the end of the cold season is the return of the flight of birds. Parks, forests and gardens are again filled with the sweet chirping of birds.

Slowly the animals awake from their hibernation and the first young are born. With a little luck you can watch in the forest or fawns Igelkinder.

A great spectacle offer the first flight tests of small birds children. Hang in sheltered places in the trees of your garden nesting boxes on. You will be surprised that Vogelpaar this new country chooses to breed.

Asparagus fans can not wait until there is to buy the first asparagus of the season. If you do not want to shop at the supermarket this pleasure, there are in your area certainly an asparagus producer who sells the delicacies fresh from the field.

The blossoming buds of cherry, apple and other fruit trees that turn the landscape into a magical sea of ​​pink flowers. For photography enthusiasts, there is hardly a more beautiful time to capture unique landscape impressions in the image. The most typical sign of the blossoming of flora and fauna are:

  • The first spring flowers stretching their heads out of the ground.
  • The birds are returning from their winter home.
  • Many animals get in early youth.
  • You can buy the first asparagus of the season.
  • Fruit trees begin to flower.

Celebrations and flirtatious are typical of the spring

As celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and the most important festival of Christianity, Easter is the most important for believers time of spring. Even for non-believers Easter has long been a cherished tradition. The highlight for children is anew every year to visit the Easter Bunny and the search of colorful eggs, which are hidden in the garden.

In spring, the fools are on the loose. If you live in an amusement such as the Rhineland, you receive the "fifth season" be well known. Whether Carnival, carnival or carnival: With masks, parades and burning witches want to drive away winter. After Carnival funeral begins on Ash Wednesday, the forty-day fast.

Surely you know the phenomenon: In the cold winter months you tend to dress back in the warmth. But as soon as the first rays of sunlight tickle your face, nothing to keep indoors. Finally the weather is nice again to take on the weekend with the whole family and mountain bike excursions.

The days are getting longer in the spring and it remains longer in the evening light. Perhaps you are among the people, where literally the spirits again come to life. You feel fresh and vibrant, thanks to the mild, sunny air strikes better.

Whether jogging, cycling or long walks: now perquisites with pleasant temperatures outdoors. Particularly Sporting are traveling early in the morning and enjoy the sun that rises towards ever earlier hour.

The sun seems to make for pure happiness hormones. With men to face a spring fever. They are in a better mood and flirt with each other. The merry month of May is the most popular wedding month. Many poems are dedicated to the spring and the spring fever.

Characteristic phenomena of spring awakening in humans:

  • Celebrating Easter is celebrated.
  • Fools celebrate in the carnival strongholds.
  • The days are getting longer and the morning it will sooner bright.
  • The mild temperatures entice people to sports and leisure outside.
  • Frühlingsgefühle bring in flirting mood

These culinary highlights accompany the spring

Fresh asparagus is not all, it has to offer the early spring. Now is the time at which you make your garden or balcony for the warm months ready. The wintering in the warm plants are placed outside and delight the eye with the first tender buds. Your herb shows you right back in its original splendor.

The mild temperatures allow for strong growth in many parts of the wild garlic. This is the perfect time for a Sunday outing in the woods to pick for tasty pesto or wild garlic dips. Go your nose - the strong characteristic scent of the wild vegetables you the way.

The Angrillen is also typical of the first warm days. Whether at the park or in your backyard: Once the weather beautiful is, together with friends and family for the first time is eaten with delicious grilled food outside again. Subsequent campfire is the perfect ending to a mild spring evening.

In spring, the days are getting longer. Now fill the first street cafes and you can enjoy your lunch outside in the sun's first rays. Slowly the Ice reopen its gates and feast the first sundae season. These culinary delights adopt the winter:

  • The herb begins to bloom.
  • sprout wild plants such as the popular wild garlic.
  • The first grilling of the year takes place.
  • Mild temperatures entice the street café.
  • Cool ice heralds the imminent summer.

A mild climate, a colorful blossoming plants, new animal life, funny parties and good humor make the cold winter days soon forget - it is no wonder that spring is the most popular time of year many people!

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