Ugly nose? - Useful

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Ugly nose?  - Useful

Live better with your nose.

wegschminken Ugly nose

Many people who do not like their own nose, to undergo plastic surgery. This, however, may be not only very expensive, it also poses risks. In addition, it is not clear that patients afterwards do not still have an ugly nose. There are useful make-up strategies that emphasize the advantageous areas of the face.

  1. Consider yourself again exactly in the mirror. Clarify for yourself what parts you like best in your face. Some people have beautiful eyes, others a full mouth and beautifully curved lips. The game that you like the most, it is using special mention of makeup.
  2. For an even complexion, apply a size appropriate to your skin tone, liquid foundation. For that you use a sponge, a brush or just your fingers.
  3. On your nostrils, but not the nose, enter a Foundation, as is used for the entire face slightly darker. Wear it carefully with your fingertips or with a narrower makeup brush and smudge the edges carefully. Such moves an ugly nose into the background.
  4. Emphasize now either your eyes or your lips especially strong. It is important that you make up strongly only one of the two. Emphasize your eyes with, for example, color-intensive make-up, it is sufficient to apply to the lips a Gloss. Face painting your lips strong enough quite some mascara.
  5. Wear conclusively little rouge on her cheeks. What consistency does this depends on your preference. You can use light powder blush or a heavier cream Rouge.

Useful strategies for more confidence

to make up an ugly nose off, is helpful to feel more comfortable in everyday life, but it will not be enough to feel completely attractive. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the self-confidence.

  • Think about which leisure activities you previously avoided because you did not dare because of your ugly nose to attend. Create a list with all the things that you have done so far like and begin to tackle these activities. Take to feel more secure, quiet, a friend, a friend or family member with.
  • Begin your social contacts (again) increased to maintain and take more responsibility for themselves. They consist of more than just a nose!
  • Do you exercise and learn to deal better with stress and problems. Thus you will find it easier to love themselves and to cope with your daily life.
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