ummelden child benefit in moving - how it works

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ummelden child benefit in moving - how it works

Child benefit should come to benefit children.

Policy regarding child support when moving

You will receive the remuneration of your child benefit regularly from the Family Fund of the Federal Employment Agency. As employees of the civil service will pay the Familienkasse your employer from the sums. The competent Familienkasse checked periodically your eligibility.

  • You will be asked by the authorities to inform, for example a move immediately. It is also about whether you continue to reside in Germany. is also asked about a professional or school or after a study of the child. The Office also wants to know whether your child has their own income and to what extent.
  • In a move to change your personal information, particularly home address. This you have to give your local Familienkasse known and so the ummelden due to you child support. Child support payments that you have received without entitlement insists you have to transfer the cash. This can happen if you provide too late to the Office changes.
  • The easiest way to notify your appropriate family insurance fund, is to use the Child Support form "Change Communication", which provides the Employment Agency for this purpose. You can fill out this form directly to your computer. Then print it out, sign it and mail it to your local Family Fund.
  • Usually happens ex officio nothing if you forget the Re-register your address. A penalty is therefore not due. Get reregister just quickly after.
  • If you move to another city, then another family budget is responsible for child support payments. Sometimes it may happen that you forget the re-registration and to make up a few weeks later. If you are eligible, the child support at this time, this is no problem. The money always comes from the same pot. The re-registration has the sense to have future shorter distances to the office for you.

The Abzweigungsantrag in summary as a full year-old child

  • When you move home as a full year old, then you can make a Abzweigungsantrag to child benefit. This is up to 25 years, if you are still in training. Your father or your mother is indeed entitled to the benefit, but the performance is supposed to benefit you as a child. Therefore, the cash register then transfers the money directly to you.
  • This application can only provide in exceptional cases, for example, if your parents can pay or pay permanently no maintenance to you. Retrospectively, the benefits may not be paid.
  • One branch of the family allowance, you must apply in writing to the family budget. You do this using the form "KG11e".
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