ummelden motorcycle - so is the process with the authorities

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ummelden motorcycle - so is the process with the authorities

With your bike you can drive only after re-registration.

The factors to consider when buying a used motorcycle

  • Before you re-register a motorcycle, you must have first purchased one. This is done mostly by someone who has the bike previously used, because otherwise you would not have it so ummelden on your name.
  • Before you visit a used motorcycle, you should have a few items to check this. Here, a screwdriver, a flashlight, a rag and some work gloves are suitable. It is also good if you have an experienced specialist here.
  • First, you should check the registration papers of the holder if the vehicle number coincides with the number in the vehicle documents. This is usually found at the bottom right on the handlebars. Furthermore, keys are to be checked and if all parts are original and if not, whether registered.
  • Next, check with your competent colleagues still wheels and tires, forks and brakes and the engine. If you are convinced after a short test drive, it comes to buying and you have to rewrite the motorcycle.

Motorcycle ummelden - the transition to the authorities

  • After the motorcycle bought used, you must re-register it in your name in order to enter it finally allowed. It is not allowed you to drive before the re-registration order.
  • To re-register the bike, you need to take some steps. First, the previous owner must have logged on to the motorcycle.
  • Then it is to go to your job and your insurance company to let them know that you wish to register a motorcycle. With this insurance policy, the vehicle documents and any final technical inspection then go to your local city or county office.
  • Visit there, the vehicle registration office and sign your motorcycle. Only then should you even ride it.
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