Unable to show love - so you can learn it

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Unable to show love - so you can learn it

Gifts can enrich a partnership.

Unable to demonstrate love

This article is based on the book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Chapman describes in this book 5 universal love languages ​​and encourages the reader to learn the partner and then pass it on to his partner. Primarily, it is therefore a matter to find out the love language of the partner and learn to apply them in married life. Chapman concludes that no one is unable to show his partner or child his love.

  • Often we need to learn only the love language of the other like a foreign language. But precisely this learning takes time. On the other hand it will renew the relationship with your partner. This does not mean that in future fails dispute. But when spouses learn to speak the love language of the other, you can show their love and precisely because marriage is stabilized.
  • The first love language that describes Chapman in his book is "praise and recognition". This is to achieve professional goals for courage solubilizing words and compliments that help the partner z. B..
  • The second love language is "togetherness". Here it comes time for the partner to reserve. The mobile phone is switched off and the phone will be ignored, and the children looked after by a babysitter. Togetherness means to be the partners in dialogue and to take with him something in common. From such times a couple benefits often years later. For this reason, these times are important for both partners. Togetherness is so one way you can show your partner your love.

As you read this article, you will learn about the love languages ​​outstanding and learn to apply them in everyday life.

show love in married life

  • The third love language hießt "gifts that come from the heart". These are important for a partnership, because this appreciation is expressed against the partner. If you make your partner a gift, you need to deal with it, so you can give him pleasure. The material value of this gift is not important. The important thing is that it comes from the heart and the partners noted that show him with this gift your love.
  • The fourth love language in Chapmans book is "helpfulness". This is about the practical use of the partner. This could, for. Example, be such that you do not assume z. B. errands or household chores for her and exonerating characterized.
  • The fifth and final love language is "tenderness". This involves physical contact. These are times of crisis the partner especially important because you thereby give your partner: "I'm here and stand by you."
  • Surely you have realized your love language reading this article. However, as you now know the love language of your partner? Usually you find where you try one of the languages ​​shown here love and see how your partner reacts.

Prerequisite to learn a language of love, is a personal decision. The book by Gary Chapman has helped many couples. Many of these marriages were humanly speaking before the corner. Just then one of the partners has started to learn the language of love of others, and suddenly he was able to show his love.

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