Unit-linked pension - for tax returns, there are alternatives

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Unit-linked pension - for tax returns, there are alternatives

Fund-based solutions now tax deductible. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

Unit-linked pension never tax deductible

  • Policyholders which besparten a unit-linked pension already before 2005, they could not specify in the tax return even then.
  • The tax deductibility of life and pension under the pension costs was given only for classical, so-called endowment contracts.
  • The fact of not being able to specify in the tax return the contributions for the unit-linked pension insurance, but was tempered by two facts.
  • Firstly, the contributions to private pension plans had little effect, since the deductible pension costs were exhausted frequently by the contributions to the statutory pension and health insurance.
  • On the other messengers, and today offer still, unit-linked solutions yield opportunities which are well above endowment contracts and also compensate for the tax advantage for most taxpayers.

For the tax return, there are alternatives

  • If you attach great importance to state pension contributions in the tax return, can be found now for unit-linked private pension solutions.
  • So you can refer to the contributions to a unit-linked annuity insurance policy under Rürup pension in the tax return. This is taking into account the contributions to the statutory pension for up to 20,000 euros in possible for singles, up to 40,000 euros per year for married year.
  • Unit-linked annuity under the Riester subsidy must be provided even in the tax return to allow the yield test.
  • Here expects the tax office if you as savers have a greater advantage by taking supplements or by a tax recognition of contributions.
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