Unit: pulse - so successful conversion for speed

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Unit: pulse - so successful conversion for speed

Doubling the mass also the pulse doubled.

The pulse - unit and general formula

  • The momentum p is the product of a mass m and its velocity v The formula for calculating this physical quantity is therefore:. Mass times velocity equal pulse (p = m * v).
  • The mass is expressed in kilograms (kg). In meter per second (m / s), however, the velocity is expressed. When playing the momentum, it looks difficult. A separate unit, there is not in the international system namely. However, the use of the unit kgm / s seems sensible.
  • When observing these types of tasks, the following conclusions can be drawn: The greater the mass m is, the higher the momentum p. In addition, the pulse P is higher as the speed V increases.
  • The momentum of a moving body can be transferred to other bodies. This can be seen for example, in a game of billiards. Poke with a queue, the white ball and takes those on another ball, it will also set in motion.

Calculation - from the unit impulse for speed

  • When the speed calculation can be in the simplest cases, the pulse formula p = m · v v to change (v = p / m). The only prerequisite is that you have given the other two sizes (pulse and mass).
  • The usual tasks act however shocks. A distinction is made between elastic and inelastic collisions. Elastic collisions have the property that the body does not deform (z. B. billiard balls). Inelastic collisions deform the body against (z. B. car accident).

The momentum in inelastic collisions

  • To calculate an inelastic, even shock, keep in mind that the body after the collision have the same speed. The formula is: v = (m 1 · v 1 + m 2 · v 2) / (m 1 + m 2).
  • It corresponds to m 1 mass of body 1 and m 2 of the mass of the body. 2 The speed before the collision is circumscribed at body 1 v 1; v 2 is thus of the body 2, the speed. The result is the speed v 'of both bodies after the collision.

The momentum in elastic collisions

  • After an elastic, straight shock have the body - unlike inelastic, straight lines - different speeds. Therefore, the total is also two computational steps.
  • First, determine the velocity v 1 'of the body 1 after the collision: v 1' = [m 1 × v 1 + m 2 (2v 2 - v 1)] / (m1 + m 2).
  • Do you have for v 1 'calculates a value, so you set this in the second calculation step: v 2' = [m 2 · v 2 + m 1 (2v 1 - v 2)] / (m 1 + m 2). The result is the velocity v 2 'in the unit m / s from body 2 after the collision. With a simple rule of three, your earnings km / h can now still in the unit to convert.
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