Unitymedia: Error Code 204 - what to do?

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Unitymedia: Error Code 204 - what to do?

Error television are always annoying.

Error code 204 - many users are affected

Who watches TV with Unitymedia, usually rarely has problems. A certain error but occurs in great regularity, namely the so-called with the error code 204. This number is then displayed on the TV screen, and although annoyingly instead of the program that you want to actually look. Sometimes all channels are affected by the annoying error, sometimes only a few or even one. Especially if it meets all the stations, it is very annoying that the error does not disappear by itself. But there are fortunately some measures to bring the TV back on track.

This is done in the case of Unitymedia error

  1. If you, the error code 204 is displayed at Unitymedia, first refer to even if only one transmitter is affected or whether any programs with the disorder. If there are any, please keep in mind that sometimes your Smartcard is damaged. Here can help you only the support.
  2. Before doing so, however, try to do something yourself. First, turn off the TV and remove the plug from the mains. Wait a few minutes and then try it out if the problem is solved.
  3. If this is not the case, the TV is simply run for a while - sometimes helps this measure and the transmitter face after a while simply again.
  4. If this measure is ineffective, you should take the receiver from the mains and wait a few minutes dealeth.
  5. Is that not help, reset the receiver to factory settings. If you the error is still displayed, you have no choice but to contact the customer service.
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