Unitymedia: Movers - note value

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Unitymedia: Movers - note value

To schedule the move at Unitymedia.

Expiration of a move at Unitymedia

If you are planning a move, some things have to be clarified in advance. Call in this case, the moving service of Unitymedia.

  1. Log Use your customer number your move on.
  2. Give the staff at your new address. This will verify that your connection is available or if a notice must be given.
  3. Unitymedia is available in NRW, in other regions must be ordered with different service providers.
  4. Now we need to check whether a cable is available at your new residence. Especially with telephone and Internet, this is important because you use here a different technology.
  5. If the check of the line was successful, enter only the date of your move and even the thing in the bag.

This is to consider when moving

When moving, either to or from Unitymedia, some important things to consider are:

  • A number portability is possible only within the same area code region. This also applies when switching to another provider.
  • When moving the contract situation is always as you would a new contract. This has once again a new runtime in this case. You must also expect to pay a renewed commitment fee.
  • If your provider can offer no connection at your new residence, so you are entitled to a special right, which can be used within a period of one month to the end of the month.
  • If you switch to another provider, so you can entrust the porting your old phone number. Prerequisite is that it's the same area code.
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