Unitymedia Speedtest perform properly - how it works

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Unitymedia Speedtest perform properly - how it works

The Speed ​​Test measures your speed.

Fast internet Unitymedia KabelBW

  • The German cable operator Unitymedia KabelBW offers to broadband internet via cable. Available is the high-speed Internet, among other things with a bandwidth of 10 Mbit, 50 Mbit and 100 Mbit. Do not dial in as with DSL on your phone line, but through your cable connection to the Internet. Unitymedia KabelBW can provide it after contracting a cable modem.
  • In order to perform a speed test your connection before contacting the owner for any abnormalities of your internet connection, you should perform a speed test. Unitymedia KabelBW provides for a tool on the Internet.

To run the speed test

Quit before you perform the Speed ​​Test Unitymedia all uploads and downloads. Close all programs currently on your computer. Otherwise falsify the measurement an ongoing download. The speed test must be carried out without further interferences.

  1. Start your Internet browser and open the Unitymedia Speedtest
  2. Click the "Start Test" and the Speed ​​Test Unitymedia starts automatically. Avoid using your computer during the speed tests as this distorts the results.

The Unitymedia Speedtest leads three speed tests:

  • The ping time.
  • A download speed test.
  • A test of upload speed.

The Ping tells you how long it takes a simple message to send ( "ping") about your Internet connection to a server. He is in the range of a few milliseconds (ms).

The speed of the download and the upload will display in kbit, not in megabits per second (Mbit / s). Compare. The measured speed of your Internet connection with your booked connection Only when both have almost the same value MBit, everything fits.

What can I do if the Unitymedia speed test indicates too little MBit on download?

Check first to see if they still have to run parallel with your speed test other programs that use your Internet connection. Show off your speed test as the sole, so that you is your measurement with promised by the provider bandwidth comparable.

When you perform the measurement correctly and you get shown too little Mbit, you have two options:

Contact your provider Unitymedia and name the measured bandwidth or announce.

Possibly you Unitymedia do not allow faster access on the net. Accept in this case, the slower cable and get 3play on. Or compare other vendors and choose one who can provide you with faster cable connection to the Internet.

As a new customer in the tariffs and 2play 3play you have a 2-month special right ( "High Speed ​​Network Promise") at Unitymedia. Make use of it, if you can not provide fast Internet, as contractually agreed, the provider Unitymedia.

When does Unitymedia worth?

Unitymedia is worthwhile if you are going to date on an ADSL connection to the Internet. Similarly, VDSL offers up to 50 Mbit. Currently cable provides only the possibility of a higher speed to access the Internet.

For comparison:

  • ADSL2 + (16 Mbit): 2.0 megabytes per second in download
  • VDSL50 (50 Mbit): 6.25 megabytes per second
  • 3play PLUS 100 (100 Mbit): 13 megabytes per second
  • 3play PREMIUM 150 (150 Mbit): 18.75 megabytes per second

For example, take to download a CD image with ADSL to the six minutes and with 3play premium 40 seconds.

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