Unitymedia telephone - how it works

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Unitymedia telephone - how it works

With Unitymedia comfortable in landlines Marko_Greitschus / Pixelio

With Unitymedia your phone in the fixed network is comfortable

If you want to enter into an agreement with Unity Media for your phone, you have several offers from broadband cable operator to choose from.

  • When changing to Unitymedia you can (n) take your current telephone number (s).
  • Alternatively, three telephone numbers may be reserved by you, through which you can make phone calls at the same time.
  • The connection of two analog and eight ISDN terminals is possible, as is the six cordless telephones DECT.
  • For wireless communication, which works throughout the house, box, a FRITZ! 6360 Cable are integrated.
  • When choosing the "saving mobile" option will allow you to conveniently make calls to German mobile networks. The minimum contract period is only three months.
  • With "International Flat" you can remotely speak without time limit in the fixed networks of 27 countries. The period of notice for this flat rate is only one month.
  • For a telephone connection at Unity Media you need no telecom connection.

Cell options at Unitymedia

  • Also for your mobile phone provides Unitymedia provides several options. So, you have the opportunity to choose your personal mobile flatrate.
  • You can choose different courses such as surfing or surf mobile handset and phone. Even a flat rate to the German fixed network and SMS options can be ordered at Unitymedia.

TV and Internet offers of Unitymedia

In modern telecommunications offer of Unitymedia are not alone focused on the phone, but also relate to other media. In addition to digital and analog TV connections include Internet access at different speeds.

  • With the analog TV cable Unitymedia you can receive up to 34 programs. You do not need additional receivers, which are required for example for SAT systems.
  • A digital cable TV connection provides you together with better picture and sound quality, an extensive variety and an electronic program guide and access to the video portal "movies on demand".
  • With a digital HDTV connection you get a much better picture resolution than you were accustomed to it in an analog connection. Moreover, the TV picture by extreme sharpness and brilliant colors distinguished.
  • For your PC, you can reach the Internet download speeds of up to 122 880 kbit / s, the upload can handle up to 5,120 kbit / s done - that your computer provides the necessary computing power.

To receive Unitymedia you need an appropriate cable connection. How to apply for this and whether it is available for your location, please go to the homepage of the broadband cable network operator.

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