Unpaid back a shipment sent by post - so go ahead

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Unpaid back a shipment sent by post - so go ahead

Some packages may return unfree.

Returning a commodity by mail

Goods must be returned in Germany within a withdrawal period. The reasons may be different. If the goods are defective, like it or not fit it, so these are certainly grounds for arguing, not to keep the stuff. But if you want to return something, you need to specify any reasons. You can simply make use of your legal right. This lasts 14 days.

  • Many sellers offer an extended Withdrawal of 1 month. Receive goods over 40 Euro, so the return is usually free. so you can then unfree return the goods by post.
  • Repack returning again tidy. Make sure that no damage, defect, stain or something else has come up with the goods.
  • Secure from that during the postal route if nothing is damaged. Fragile goods pack padded one. Normally you can use the packaging to which the goods have arrived even with you if it is still intact.
  • Enter the package off at the local post office. Whether you can return the goods freight collect, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of each dealer. On eBay, for example, is in most merchants the "magic" limit 40 Euro.

Return the package non-free

  • If you want to return the parcel prepaid, you follow the same process as if you were frank it, the only difference is that you write large and clearly visible "unfree" in the upper portion of the package.
  • Fill out a packing slip and address it to the seller. Type of course include your address as sender.
  • Now you bring the package to the nearest post office and give it there. Most employees ask again whether the whole thing should be sent prepaid. If you answer this simply.
  • Finally, you'll receive a receipt with the time and date for your records so that you can demonstrate the dispatch of non-free package. Baste this thoroughly.
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