unsubscribe BAföG - so go ahead

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unsubscribe BAföG - so go ahead

Maybe you do not need student loans.

Reasons to no longer acquire BAföG

There are several reasons why you may not receive more BAföG.

  • Basically you need to show any change in your student resume and your financial constitution BAföG.
  • A reason to be no longer entitled to receive BAföG if you are not a regular student is more. This is the case when you are yourself or expelled from the university or college. Reasons for this may not be passed exams or simply because you have just completed your studies.
  • Another option would be if you make yourself too much money to refer BAföG. When you begin a new part-time job to example and earn more than 4800 € per year. Everything about it shortens your federal financial aid. If you earn so much that the performance is lowered to 0 €, you must log off your BAföG.
  • It may also happen that your parents have a higher disposable income and they must now pay for your maintenance. Even then you do unsubscribe BAföG.

unsubscribe Remuneration

  • Once there is any change described above, you must immediately report them to your BAföG office. Do not do this, you are liable to prosecution.
  • You can now search the Internet for a template for a change indicator and fill these. Please also enclose copies that testify your changes, for example, a de-registration acknowledgment, your new contract or the new tax bill your parents.
  • But best of it if you personally visit the Office with all documentation in your's. There can you explain exactly how you handle such a change and what documents you need to submit when and where.

Secure yourself the best ever with a personal visit or a phone call, and insert the Office any circumstances open. Only in this way you avoid the risk of committing an offense.

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