unsubscribe second home - how it works

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unsubscribe second home - how it works

At task of second home you need to unsubscribe at.

  • In Germany, it is required under the reporting laws, the registered any secondary residence in the corresponding registry office and must be signed off again. This is important because many cities charge a second home tax. The miss or logout is a violation of the reporting obligation and is traded as a misdemeanor.

Therefore you need to sign the new second home and log off task again always on time.

Personal deregistration of secondary residence in the registration office

  • The cancellation takes place at the registration office of your second home.
  • In the personal logout you need the identity card and the completed form of the registration office.
  • Please note the opening times of the office and the waiting times.

Written cancellation of the secondary residence in the registration office

  • The cancellation is made at the registration office of the secondary residence.
  • In the written cancellation, you must specify your old and new address, full name and the exact date of the Exodus.
  • You only need to observe the delivery times of mail from about two days, because you have to promptly cancel the date of the Exodus.

Many agencies offer you the form for registration and deregistration from the second home already online to download - so you go faster. It is worth considering whether you prefer the written cancellation of the personal logout. To save you the wait time at the Civil Registration Office, the way there and the most unfavorable opening times.

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