up notebook as an access point - how it works

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up notebook as an access point - how it works

use a laptop as an access point

Along the way you have perhaps ever wished to have a wireless router at up to go with several computers or a computer and a mobile phone or a tablet PC simultaneously to the Internet. If your notebook meets the requirements, you can set it up as an access point and connect to the Internet with it.

Requirements for a Laptop Access Point

Not every laptop can be configured as an access point. You need a newer model with a specific chip set and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • You must have Windows Vista or newer Windows 7 in order to set up your laptop as an access point can. With Mac OS or other Windows operating systems, a Windows Access Point does not work.
  • Your notebook should be equipped with an Intel Choipsatz. This must be 5100 or 5300 by the Intel chipset Wifi Link.

You can check about which chipset is installed in your notebook in the Control Panel under the menu item System.

Setting up an access point

  • Download the free software Intel PROSet / Wireless WiFi Connection Utility and install it on your laptop. The software includes the necessary wireless drivers for your laptop as well as a user interface, using which you can connect the devices.
  • You can operate not only more computer via WiFi, but for example, mobile phones, tablet PCs or printers with a WLAN interface.

Be particularly in hotel rooms or on campsites that you protect your notebook Access Point against foreign access. Providing it with a password. In the software you can not only enter a password protection, but also grant approvals or lock files and folders.

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