Uppercase and lowercase letters in English

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Uppercase and lowercase letters in English

For a visit to England should dominate the grammar!

Lowercase in English

  • have liked to learn English, but have problems with the case-sensitive in the language. The language is one of the easiest languages ​​at all.
  • Basically words in the language of the Anglo-Saxons are lowercase. Nevertheless, there are exceptions that require capitalization. So you start in English only this sentence with a capital letter and then write small further - unless it applies to one of the exceptions must be capitalized in the words.

Capitalization and exceptions

Now you know that actually everything is written in small letters in English. But here too the exception proves the rule. So the beginnings of sentences are always capitalized as in English. The upper and lower case is relatively clearly defined.

  • Even individual letters are capitalized. This can, for example, the "O" in the salutation "O Lord" or "X-rays".
  • The personal pronoun "I" and proper names (product names, rivers, place names, etc.) are also capitalized. All other personal pronouns are capitalized only at start.
  • Also adjectives derived from proper names are capitalized. This may, for example, "German" of "Germany".
  • Also be written large atomic numbers, which occur in sovereign names and directions. (Example:. Elizabeth the Second) The cardinal points are, however, only written large when they designate areas. (Example: The South)
  • As in German, the direct speech with a capital letter is started. Example: Robert says: "Can you repeat the question, please?".
  • Finally headings, titles and salutations and greetings in letters are capitalized. Only articles and prepositions are lowercase.
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