use Disk diagnostic tool correctly

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use Disk diagnostic tool correctly

A hard drive is an error-prone mechanical component.

A hard drive diagnostic tool you use when you want to check the operation of your hard disk. These include the speed, the working temperature and noise. You can use the tool for internal disks as well as for external hard disk or drives that you connect via USB.

A hard drive diagnostic tool is available for various operating systems

  • Would you use a hard drive diagnostic tool, you need to choose a program that fits your operating system. A very good tool for Windows is the program HDDScan. The analysis and defragmentation of your hard drive can also be made via the system controller. Just open the Administrative Tools and then click on the drives. Defragmenting the hard disk is useful to speed up data access. Bad sectors that may cause problems are repaired. This can fix minor problems in disk access.
  • If you are using a Mac, you the Disk Utility provides many ways to check the functionality of your hard disk. This is subjected to extensive diagnostic and get over any error messages, a report with a recommendation on how to proceed. You will find the Disk Utility Programs utilities. An external tool you do not need to install.

The operation of the tool is simple

  • If you have downloaded the tool from the Internet, you can make it quite simple to apply. Start the program and select the disk that you check or where you want to make settings.
  • Start the diagnosis or choose from the menu certain settings. For example it is possible to reduce the level of hard drive noise. This is defined by the acronym AAM. You can also enable various power saving functions. These carry the abbreviation APM.
  • The settings also provides you with the HDD Diagnostic Tool more information about the operation of your hard drive. These include, for example, the display of the temperature and the analysis of all SMART attributes. It is the acronym for the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. The sectors with respect to their values ​​are analyzed. These change with age of the hard drive. To understand this analysis, you will need extensive knowledge of the structure of a hard disk. About all the information you can request a report and save it for further analysis.

An HDD Diagnostic Tool can repair any defective hard disk. If a mechanical defect, it is no longer possible to use the tool.

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