use disposable cell phone number - how it works

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use disposable cell phone number - how it works

SMS can be sent also to disposable cell phone numbers.

With disposable phone numbers to SMS anonymously can receive

  • Now and then a disposable phone number offers itself simply; especially in the cases where you want to log on to a website and need to provide your mobile phone number, for example, to receive a confirmation SMS.
  • Using these special numbers without register, it is oriented only to receive SMS, but not for the anonymous calls. Mobile disposable numbers might otherwise be misused and drag any legal problems.
  • There are vendors that offer online free ways to receive SMS to a number other than one's own. These virtual phone numbers or virtual SIM card can then be used as an "inbox" for incoming text messages.

So let send SMS to a temporary phone number

  1. Enter the website of via the link above.
  2. For the use of the Service and the disposable phone numbers does not require registration. Click simply on the link labeled "SIM cards".
  3. Under the words "FREE SIM cards" You can now select one of the available phone numbers to which a required SMS should be sent. Click on what you chose "Send".
  4. Now you should the short messages sent to this number will be displayed. If necessary, you can try the button labeled "SMS Refresh", should the expected SMS not yet been received for the disposable number.

Keep in mind that the number may have been noted by others, for the purpose of receiving confirmation SMS, used among other things previously. Extremely sensitive information should not thereby be sent to one of these numbers, or in the case of transmitted passwords change those soon. Registration on the site could help, because you will no longer need to use disposable cell phone numbers of the "public".

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