use Ethernet over phone cable - it can succeed

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use Ethernet over phone cable - it can succeed

Cabling networks themselves

Building a network via telephone line - how can this work?

A network is constructed with appropriate cables, which have been produced specifically for this purpose. Under certain conditions, however, it is also possible to "abuse" such as telephone cable for this purpose to.

  • A network cable usually has eight wires. However, these are not always completely required. Thus, in a network with 10 or 100 MBit only four of containing the network cable wires for data transmission may be used.
  • Even the ordinary telephone line usually has this number of cores. Therefore, this can be used for these network connections.
  • However, this should also be noted that the effective velocity does not necessarily reach this, which is achieved with the use of Ethernet cables.
  • Furthermore, special adapters are commercially available, by which it is possible to utilize a conventional two-wire cable for a network connection.

The use Ethernet over "normal" cable for the phone

  • You can use a phone cord with four wires for an Ethernet connection, by connecting the four wires of the cable at each end to the terminals 1, 2, 3 and 6 of the network socket. However, you should here note that the rate may be partly significantly below that which is achieved with a network cable.
  • In addition, to obtain appropriate adapter, through which even a two-wire telephone cable can be used for this connection in the specialized trade. Here a speed of at least up to 192 MBit is to be achieved.
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