use garden hose adapter correctly - how it works

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use garden hose adapter correctly - how it works

Garden hose adapter in use.

To find the right garden hose adapter

There are garden hose adapter for connecting garden hoses to the faucet or to a casting machine, for connecting two or more hosepipes and various special adapter, which are distinguished by specific features such as adjustable valves or the like.

  • Not to be completely overwhelmed by the wide range of garden hose adapters, you should proceed as systematically as possible in the selection.
  • First, note that not every garden hose adapter fits any garden hose or a water faucet.
  • Before you head to the hardware store or the garden center to buy a garden hose adapter, you should be sure to note the diameter of garden hoses that connect or want to connect to a water tap, in inches.
  • If you plan to connect your garden hose to a water tap in the house, you may need a special adapter for indoor taps.
  • It is advisable to look at before buying an overview of the different types of garden hose adapters, so you know exactly when you buy what you need and you do not think twice go to the hardware store is.
  • Such overviews for various manufacturers of garden hose adapters can be found for example on the homepage of hose professional under "plug valves" or "Gardena", where you can order the appropriate parts directly over the Internet.

To use plug valves properly

  • When using garden hose adapters or plug fittings of any kind, you should note that an excessively high water pressure in the hose may cause the adapter WPDIM and the water runs freely from the hose in the episode.
  • To avoid this problem, you should make sure the tap to which the garden hose adapter is connected, turn off again if you do not need more water.
  • In winter, you should roll up the garden hose in each case, and also solve the adapter and keep it indoors, to ensure a long lifetime of the parts.
  • Durable are generally garden hose adapter made of brass as plastic ones.
  • In particular, if you want to permanently interconnect two pieces of tubing, it is often cheaper and more effective simply a brass coupling and two hose clamps to be used as special garden hose plastic adapter.

If you follow these basic instructions, no problems with the use of garden hose adapters should occur. For further questions please contact most directly to the service personnel at the garden center.

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