use LG TV Apps

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use LG TV Apps

Take advantage of the numerous LG TV Apps.

Why do you need TV Apps?

  • TV apps are available for very many different Smart TVs. Almost every manufacturer such as Samsung or LG, these apps has on offer and they are also used by numerous smart TV buyers.
  • These functions have been developed by the manufacturers, in order to facilitate the handling of the TV and give you several additional ways to use the television or just to have more fun on your device.
  • There are, for example, numerous music apps that you can listen to the radio or to find your favorite artists and music to videos of this then view on your TV.
  • In addition to video and music features there are installable apps with which you can control the TV using a smartphone. This allows you to omit the remote control and you can control the device at any time via your mobile phone.
  • For the children there are many games that they can control via the remote control. These games are suitable for children and entertain the children.

use LG Apps on the Smart TV

  1. Before you use the Apps by LG Smart TVs, you must first register on the Internet on the LG Smart World Homepage.
  2. You then need to select your country and the continent and click on the "Register" button. You will be redirected and select "General Member" from.
  3. Now you must agree to the business operations. This should, however, previously read again, so that you realize what you confirm there.
  4. After entering the personal data, such as name and address, the registration is complete and you can use the LG TV services.
  5. Now you can buy and use the apps on the LG website.
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