use maximum speed when Wi - Here's how

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use maximum speed when Wi - Here's how

Take maximum speed.

To obtain maximum wireless speed

  • For most routers, you can set the radio channel. If many wireless networks in the same channel surfing, your wireless speed reduced. Change to another free channel. So your WLAN is faster. To change the channel, you need to Routerkonfigurationsmenu.
  • Current routers support wireless radio on a 5 gigahertz frequency rather than 2.4 gigahertz. To avoid radio interference. The radio frequency, set in Routerkonfigurationsmenu.
  • Take advantage of the latest wireless technology, the n-standard. Thus, the WLAN radio reaches further and you can surf faster. but the n-standard only support current router. Older routers sparks still in g standard.
  • To get maximum wireless speed, simply turn the wireless radio antenna. Try out several directions and see the position in which the internet is the fastest. In addition, position your wireless router higher up in the room, so he does not have any obstacles.
  • Some wireless routers you can anschliesen an additional, external wireless antenna. They significantly improve the radio, because you radioed better and stronger.
  • If your WLAN some rooms do not reach, you have to rely on powerline adapter. Connect this adapter to an electrical outlet and connect it to the router and computer. The signal then passes over the power grid.
  • The maximum wireless speed you can use by using the appropriate wireless card to the router. Depending on the router or another wireless card is faster.
  • If this does not help anything, you can try a wireless repeater. They amplify the radio signal, where they are only weakly receivable.
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