use navigation with voice input - pros and cons

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use navigation with voice input - pros and cons

Navigation devices can also be operated by voice input.

Input in navigation devices

  • A car navigation system is now one almost as standard. It goes from additional equipment in the interior always a latent danger of distraction, so also the Navi.
  • Entering of street names and places requires concentration, so that these actions should not be performed while driving. Nevertheless, it may sometimes be necessary to change your route quickly, without having the possibility to zoom down the right. In such a case, a voice input could be the solution. In this way you could dictate the Navi, which place is intended to drive it and have to take off the wheel, neither the eyes off the road nor the hand.

The pitfalls of voice input

  • Thus advantageously a voice command can be, so deficient is usually not your implementation. the algorithms for speech inputs While getting better, but you can still tell them apart no dialects. So an absolutely clear and distinct pronunciation is needed.
  • Especially in the car with a plethora of background noises that clear and loud debate can be ensured in the rarest cases. You must therefore expect an incorrect entry through the voice input in Navi.
  • Similarly, when the correction is the next point of criticism: Like the Navi responds when an address was incorrectly detected? If you only ever have to wait for the calculation of the route, the process using the voice command is taking too long. Can you cancel it by pressing a button, you might as well the entire address type as usual.

There is no really satisfactory solution to the problem of voice input, whether at a Navi or other devices. This problem could still interact with you as the user and the accuracy of speech recognition.

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