Use retaining tables correctly

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Use retaining tables correctly

A clamping table replaces the workbench.

So clamping tables are used properly

A look at the manual, sometimes shows on the carton, which is a clamping table can be anything, if you just know first what is used for which purpose. The biggest advantage of clamping tables is that you have to screw no vice to furniture, which mostly only under protest the housewife would be possible for use in the apartment.

  • Clamping tables are usually foldable and can be packed away after work easily, which can be taken even fatal, if you so wegpacken him that he is difficult to reach. So keep your chip table at hand.
  • All clamping tables have a split tabletop, between which you can clamp workpieces. Since these tabletops represent extremely large jaws, these hold the workpieces without damaging them. Since the workpieces do not rest on a table top can be attached so easily bores.
  • Also sawing are not a problem. Works great pressure from above onto the workpiece exercise as planing work should not be made better with this type of restraint. But in order to let an adhesive harden sure this facility of clamping is ideal.
  • In the table of the clamping tables threads in them, where you can position jaws. So you can be Clamp workpiece on the table, which is when you are planing advantage. Also you can fix with these tools workpieces that are too wide to be clamped between the table tops.
  • A hallmark of all clamping tables is that you can successively move the tabletops in various angles, including oblique workpieces can be clamped. Long workpieces such as pipes or boards can also be clamped or vertically, placing them vertically between the two tabletops.

These properties make clamping tables indispensable if you want to work outside a workshop something or make it possible to replace a workbench in small workshops. Clamping tables are both clamps and vises.

Special features of some worktables

  • If your holding table has a height adjustment, take the time to set it to the correct height, where you can work comfortably.
  • Some models, clamp marks on the table that can help you workpieces at certain angles. This is a great help for some work, but does not replace a chop saw.
  • Additional vertical clamps are useful if you want to hold very large workpieces safely. And when the clamping table is a hand truck at a time, have a good ability to carry all the tools you need on one site.
  • The two table tops are moved as the first clamping tables with winches apart. But some models also include a foot control or the ability to connect the two cranks, so you have to turn only one.

If you do not have the clamping tables, you should test the self is to read the man.

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