use Simfy offline - how it works

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use Simfy offline - how it works

Simfy works offline. Jochen_Bucanac / Pixelio

The web portal Simfy

use Simfy offline - how it works

  • On the German music portal Simfy You can either create a free account or a paid premium account. On the side of many newer songs are offered, you can listen directly through the Internet. You can also download to your computer or on your iPhone and the free Simfy player and also enjoy the music.
  • The free membership is naturally limited, in the first three months, you can listen to 20 hours per month music, after this time only five hours per month possible. In addition a promotional sports of about 30 seconds will be played between the individual songs. Furthermore, some songs only available for premium users.
  • With a paid premium account, you can access the web portal Simfy without restrictions listening to music on the Internet. Advertising is in this account variant as well not exist.
  • Since version 1.4 of Simfy it is also possible to hear the songs and offline without an Internet connection. How this works in detail, refer to the following instructions.

use Simfy offline - how it works

To use the service offline

  1. To fully utilize Simfy offline, you definitely need a paid premium account. Visit. The official website of Simfy and right click on top of the Sign up button
  2. On the left side of a premium membership. You have a choice of different versions and can even test the premium account free for 30 days.
  3. Complete the application and load up on the same side of the Simfy player down. Grab some songs that you want to hear, and select Offline mode.
  4. You can Simfy players now use without an Internet connection, but of course also play only songs that you have previously copied to the player.
  5. Select a playlist and click the properties to "make available offline". All songs in this playlist can now be consulted with the Simfy player without an Internet connection.

use Simfy offline - how it works

use Simfy offline - how it works

use Simfy offline - how it works

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