use tea tree oil against fleas - that you should be aware

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use tea tree oil against fleas - that you should be aware

Tea tree oil in pure form

Although it is a natural product with the tea tree oil, many dogs and cats are allergic to it. In some cases it affects even toxic.

use tea tree oil for the environment

  • Tea tree oil is very suitable in order to treat the apartment for fleas. You can drop the oil, for example, on the bottom of your carpet and so treat large areas so without your pets come directly to the central contact.
  • If you add a few drops of tea tree oil on a washcloth and place the cloth then in the closet, you can also easily all the fleas safely kill and keep away.
  • In this pure form but you should use the tea tree oil only at the points that are not directly accessible to your pets. For the other areas you can use a ready-mixed agents from the market.

Anti-flea products containing tea tree oil

  • Tea tree oil is considered as a natural and effective against fleas. You get commercially a spray containing the active ingredient of tea tree oil, with which you can treat the whole apartment for fleas.
  • The spray has no unpleasant odor and can be sprayed both on upholstered surfaces as well as to the curtains or bed linen.
  • Spray the carpet strips and small corners thoroughly one, since here feel free to contact firmly fleas. Leave the window then a few hours closed so that the tea tree oil can act properly.

Shampoo with tea tree oil against fleas

  • If you want to treat your pet with tea tree oil against fleas, then you should use a ready-made shampoo from the animal Traders now.
  • Use the shampoo but. Only in small quantities and always stick to the instructions that you can find on the package insert
  • After you have washed your dog with the shampoo, you also need good wash out the agent out of the skin because the dog should these residues do not lick and the means also can not ingest.

If you were successful in the fight against fleas, you can spray preventively once a month in the apartment the spray with tea tree oil.

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