use tool for production planning - project management

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use tool for production planning - project management

Gantt chart - your faithful companion in production planning. Inna_Pommeranz / Pixelio

Project management tools for production planning and training

  1. First, you should clearly define your goal: What exactly do you want to produce? How should the results be? What resources do you need: material, time and money? How can you measure the achievement of the objective?
  2. Then, it is advisable (for general from particular) proceed first deductive (from general to specific) and then inductively: Sit down general objectives and milestones. These milestones should be each subdivided into sub-goals.

MS Project - set milestones and hierarchies

  1. Many targets build on each other to create the milestone. This can be displayed in MS Project by hierarchies. The program helps you to create a reasonable time and efficient use of your resources for your production planning.
  2. For each parent and child step, you can specify start and end dates.
  3. Remember these goals by using another project management tool: MS Office. There you can not only retrieve your e-mails, but also maintain a busy schedule, people involved in a click to appointments invite and are regularly reminded of your appointments. A successful training needs both tools.
  4. Back to MS Project - Getting Started: Either create a completely new project, open an existing as a template or select one of the already installed templates from MS Project. The last two options are recommended for beginners.
  5. Left you will see the milestones and their subordinate objectives. On the right is visualized, how much time is planned per target, which floats are available and what goals are critical. With a time shift of critical objectives, the entire course of the project further moves.
  6. You can from the standard view, the bar chart (Gantt), the "Gant Chart: monitoring" switch. In this look at the deviations from the original course.
  7. Now create a budget on costs, labor hours and material consumption: Click on "View", "resource box". Enter your resource names, right-click the name and select "Resource Information". Activate the field budget. In the column "Type" you can select the allocation type.
  8. In the Gantt Chart view (Gantt) You can assign each target resource.

Regular use of project management tools is your training and production planning in good stead.

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