use WhatsApp without Android - how it works

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use WhatsApp without Android - how it works

communicate across borders

WhatsApp on other operating systems

  • IPhone owners and want to get in touch with other iPhone users, mostly selected for the service iMessage. And that's no wonder, after all this is offered in a prominent place in the smartphone menu and acts optically While such entertainment via SMS, but is free. Even the BlackBerry Messenger is much better integrated into its operating system as any third-party apps.
  • Want owners of iPhones or BlackBerry however contacting each other or, for example, Android users, they come in distress. In this case, WhatsApp may be useful. This Messenger experiences its largest distribution taking Android, but can be installed on all popular mobile operating systems. The advantage to it: WhatsApp works on all operating system boundaries.
  • In addition to Android, iOS and BlackBerry WhatsApp is erhätlich for Windows Phone, Symbian, Nokia Series 40 and MeeGo. To download it passes over the respective stores.

use Messenger on Android emulator

  1. You can even use WhatsApp on your PC or Mac and then also use the free communication functions via a detour. This works by moving the app via a so-called Android emulator on your computer up and running.
  2. One of these emulators called BlueStacks, on its website, you can download it for free. Select the correct version for your operating system, then follow the instructions pops up and wait eventually until the software has been installed on your system.
  3. Now you just have to download WhatsApp to then open it with BlueStacks can - installing the app is automatic.
  4. Call WhatsApp and mount it. It is sufficient if you follow the instructions on the screen. Note, however, that only one telephone number can be associated with WhatsApp. If you have already installed WhatsApp on your phone, so you should specify at this point another number.
  5. Android systems draw the necessary for WhatsApp chats contact data from the internal address. Consequently, should such be created within BlueStacks. This works by selecting the gear icon in the bottom horizontal menu bar, and then "Manage Addresses".
  6. Once you have created several contacts, you can start using this chat in WhatsApp Messenger.
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