Used cars for wheelchair users buy - it CONSIDERATIONS

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Used cars for wheelchair users buy - it CONSIDERATIONS

Wheelchair there are special cars and parking.

Used cars you should look carefully at

As with all other used cars, you should look at the usual details, and checked by an expert. Wheelchair that is especially true, because here it is hardly possible to help themselves in case of breakdown, as is the case with non-disabled people.

  • Explore at used car's overall appearance to, so the standard of maintenance, whether it is with full service history, etc. In a vehicle wheelchair tires should be new as possible to rule out possible can that you will soon have a damage.
  • They recognize the steering wheel, on the pedals and the handles and cushions the real mileage, if it happens to you so that very few kilometers to have been driven, which does not coincide with the optics.
  • Ask. After any accidental damage, because these are often secretive, if not explicitly asked If you are not sure about your expertise, do not hesitate to consult an expert for assistance. When ADAC you have the possibility to check the vehicle.

Wheelchair special rules

  • Depending on the type of disability the pedals of the car have been removed for wheelchairs and you can perform the functions via lever, here it is important when used vehicle that is perfectly constructed, and also an operating license arises. Show the documents show the conversion.
  • It is important for a wheelchair user, he simply and well, even get into the car, in addition there is also important in used cars that you check that the doors can be opened wide enough. If that is not the case, the self-employed in and out is not, or only partially possible.
  • Vehicles for disabled people often have a seat that can rotate and find so getting in and out is easier possible and the driver can easily get in the correct driving position. This mechanism needs to work well and without stuttering, check the before buying.
  • The door sills are the vehicle for disabled people usually smooth and without profile, because otherwise it is difficult to manage, pay attention here for wear and rust, because by the lack sill that is a site which can be more susceptible rust.
  • It is important that the person can check the car before buying, in operability who wants then drive it, because here you can find only itself, what is easy and what is not, therefore, should be the one doing definitely buying be.
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