using electric scraper properly

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using electric scraper properly

Insert the electric scraper.

Structure of the electric scraper

  • Electric scrapers consist of a motor unit that is small and portable, the weight is quite low. This has the advantage that you can keep the motor unit a long time in hand without tiring.
  • Electric scrapers usually have different attachments here, these are blunt (spatula) or sharp (knife). Most often, even a ball of iron, one with which you can execute carvings.
  • There are other components, such as a narrow Scraper allows you to remove grout between joints, essays, in which you can use interchangeable blades and to remove brackets.
  • The electric scraper you can perform all tasks that you would normally run with a spatula or a knife by hand. It replaces the necessary reciprocating motions of these tools.

Safety when handling electrical scrapers

  • Note. The usual safety precautions for power tools, such as not to work in wet environments or in hazardous areas Even the cable and the device must be undamaged.
  • Ensure proper footing at work, you must be able to exercise the necessary counter-pressure, and most blades are very sharp, so you can hurt in a fall. For this reason, children are not allowed to work unsupervised with the device.
  • Wear protective gloves and safety glasses, because the electric scraper takes off small parts that may fly. Also, you must always work away from your body, never towards your or the body of spectators.
  • Tighten loose workpieces securely and firmly, this may not vibrate at work, or even to move freely.

Working with the electric scraper

  1. Select the attachment which you appear suitable for the purpose. It depends on the individual case, whether you use a cutting tool, if you want to trim color from a hard surface, or a blunt, which is soft ground like wood often more appropriate. You must try out best.
  2. The shape of the tower also depends on the workpiece. Do you want to edit large areas, you need a broad top, at a little Schmale. For cleaning buckets or containers are concave inserts advantageous.
  3. Make sure that the device is disconnected from the network and can not be connected by mistake. Only then you may use the inserts according to the instructions in its user guide. Remove all the tools you used for the insertion.
  4. Connect the electric scraper and choose the smallest stroke speed to test whether you have selected the correct and rational use. Then you can select the highest speed, if you want to quickly deliver a large area of ​​paints or adhesives. Fine work or removing grout you better always operates at the lowest setting.
  5. Grasp the device basically so on, as recommended by the manufacturer, and make sure not to cover the vents. Depending on the application you need to clean it while working from time to time, so that the engine does not overheat. To do this, the electric scraper and unplug the power cord.
  6. Keep the electric scraper so that the blade scrapes at a flat angle on the material, not perpendicular cuts in this and let the electric scraper work. In other words, run this with even pressure over the workpiece and do not scrape yourself by forward and withdraw the device, because exactly this move will save the electric scraper.
  7. Make breaks in order to cool the electric scraper, so that the engine does not overheat.
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