Vacancy US Army - Informative

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Vacancy US Army - Informative

German Panzer wait the US forces in Germany

It is known that the US Army recruits regularly for volunteers enlisted in the States. For German citizens, this opportunity offers hardly. If you want to work in the armed forces of the United States, you must apply for one of the military bases in Germany for a civilian job.

Who can apply for US Army

The United States Army, placed first in 1775, is the largest of the seven "Uniformed services of the United States". are complemented five United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard) by the Federal Reserve and National Guard.

  • All candidates for enlistment in the armed forces of the United States must be either a US citizen or a registered foreigners. As a German you need a permanent residence in the United States and must be in possession of a green card or work permit and social security number.
  • A Green Card is available with a bit of luck if you attend the annual free Green Card Lottery. As a foreigner with special requirement profiles (doctors, language training) you can undertake in the context of certain programs in the military. As thanks you expect an accelerated naturalization process in the US.

Vacancy of the US forces in Germany

The United States Armed Forces in Germany for many years in many regions of West Germany is an important employer. However, the number of German employees is steadily decreasing in recent years.

  • Reasons include plant closures. In addition, many work areas, such as security, maintenance and cleaning services were outsourced and transferred contractors. Artisans, cleaners and security professionals possess a passport that allows them as normal civilian employees the access to the military base. The directly at the army staff (German and other EU citizens) working in areas such as management, press office or hotel.
  • About Careers informs the personnel department responsible for the military base. Get a job, you have free to German and American holidays.
  • Another possibility for informing and for jobs to work for America has the job portal On the website you will find job vacancies, provide job opportunities for citizens of the United States and for non-citizens in the armed forces.

In Germany in 2013 for about 18,000 workers employed by the US air and land forces. Another 4,000 civilian employees work in the armed forces of Canada, France and Great Britain. They do everything from toasting Toastbrots to wait the tank.

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