Various types of squash inserted tasty - a recipe

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Various types of squash inserted tasty - a recipe

Various types of squash you can load.

Load types of squash and sour

Before you can load the pumpkin, you should opt for one or more Pumpkin type / n. So you can for example use the tasty Hokkaido pumpkin or butternut squash for loading. Depending on your preference, you can also mix the two varieties and insert together.

  1. If you are now concerned one or more Pumpkin type / n, you can begin to prepare Sud for loading. To begin, return the water in a large saucepan for cooking.
  2. You can then the vinegar, sugar, salt, cloves and cinnamon add to water and boil again everything short.
  3. During this time you can begin to peel the pumpkin and then to remove the seeds.
  4. The flesh you can cut them into bite-sized cubes or cut into thin strips.
  5. Then enter the cubes or strips into the boiling Sud and put your stove a medium level.
  6. Let the pumpkin now cook so long it until it is cooked. This can best be determined by trial and error.
  7. Then fill the pumpkin together with the South in the jars and seal it.
  8. The filled jars can now be stored for several weeks before they are served for consumption.

Preparing pickled Ambercupk├╝rbis

The Ambercupk├╝rbis You can insert, for example, along with chili and garlic. However, you can also opt for this recipe for other types of squash:

  1. Begin with the preparation initially trying to peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, then cut into small pieces.
  2. Enter the pumpkin then in a bowl and mix it with the sugar. Let the pumpkin now pull for about 3-4 hours in it.
  3. Then you can peel the garlic, remove the seeds, the chillies and both cut into small pieces.
  4. Now bring the vinegar with the garlic, chillies and pepper to a boil and cook in the chopped pumpkin along with the sugar.
  5. The pumpkin should however cook at least 20 minutes in the fact that it can accommodate the full flavor of broth.
  6. Then enter the pumpkin with Sud in the jars and seal them directly.

After about 4 weeks you can eat the canned pumpkin, because then it can provide its full flavor.

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