Verdi termination - so you weigh the consequences

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Verdi termination - so you weigh the consequences

A union membership can have advantages.

As a member of the trade union Verdi pay Although a membership fee, enjoy on the other hand, however, some advantages. Moreover, the expression of an interior attitude, the union membership. The consequences of Verdi termination, you are cautioned exactly.

Consequences of Verdi termination

The strength of the workers' position in a company often depends on the degree of unionization - are in operation barely workers union members, the employer is usually easier to enforce it his positions.

  • If there is even a unionized strikers, you can only get as a replacement for the loss of pay strike pay if you are a union member. Otherwise, you go out either empty, or take part not even on strike and thus keep your wage payment claim.
  • As Verdi member, you are also entitled to employment law advice. About the Verdi members service enjoy other benefits such as a free consultation in income tax matters, pension and tenancy law advice as Verdi member.
  • About the so-called. Differentiation clauses, it may also be possible that the negotiated in a collective agreement benefits for workers do not apply to all workers but only for organized union. For this, the union has finally negotiated in the first place.
  • Aside from the personal benefits of Verdi membership, which of course you have to face the payable contributions, you are a union member also part of an organized solidarity.

Unions have a long tradition

  • The union membership is often an expression of a particular political stance. At least you support a union membership a solidarity that is firmly committed to the rights of male and female workers.
  • With Verdi termination So give up not only some personal advantages, but also leave a community that is fighting for certain rights - from which you may also benefit later.

A Verdi termination, you should think twice. If you weigh the consequences, you should thereby not only think about your personal benefits, but also on the political function of trade unions.

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