Verification vs. Validation - understand the difference

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Verification vs.  Validation - understand the difference

Science is constructed by man and therefore fallible.

What Clearly mark under verification

Both terms appear frequently in scientific work on, because there is not only to theorize, but this also check on their veracity.

  • This is exactly what you are doing by using a verification, also called verification. The term describes the project to prove a hypothesis, ie to verify. This can be done by many methods, eg., By observations, statistical calculations, etc. Is confirmed a hypothesis to be true, it says that this is verified. This approach is represented at least science theories positivism and logical empiricism.
  • Unlike the see the representatives of critical rationalism. They assume that a verification is generally not possible because not all necessary information is comprehensible. According to the representatives of critical rationalism only a falsification is possible, therefore the finding that a particular hypothesis is false. An example of Karl Popper should help to understand: if you have the hypothesis: "swans are all white", this will be accepted as true until someone discovers different colored swans, eg black swans.. If this is the case, then the hypothesis is considered to be falsified.
  • To verify this hypothesis, an extensive study of all swans of the world may have to be performed. Even if you forget only one or two swans, the hypothesis can only be accepted as verified, since the age verification, the color of all the swans must be known. Important here is the difference between getting something only assume that something is true or it is indeed true. Many things in science are only accepted, since science was created by man, and man is only a tiny part of the universe. Who understands this difference, has grasped an important lesson in science.

Validation is a narrower term of verification

  • By validation we mean roughly how reproducible a result. Unlike the verification here is the way decisive, as the result, since this has already been found in general through the verification.
  • A validation so to speak, only to find out whether a specific operation comes the expected result. Is something valid, it means that the tested operation is repeated to the same result.
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