Very wide hips - with these exercises you can streamline targeted

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Very wide hips - with these exercises you can streamline targeted

Hula hoop acts Eclectic very positive.

Very broad problem areas - Information for slimming and sports

This allows to take these and other problem areas in attack with very wide hips, you should receive especially endurance exercises to steadily decrease with this in conjunction with proper diet and without yo-yo effect to keep the weight afterwards.

  • In addition to the exercises, you should be aware that you should avoid unnecessary dietary fats to additionally train in this way unnecessarily growing padding on the hips still off. Optimal therefore is a low-fat, balanced and healthy diet that covers the nutritional, but also the vitamin and mineral content.
  • You should do the exercises at least three times a week for about 30 to 40 minutes and then feed easily, so that the so-called. After Burn Effect takes full effect. This means that even after exercising you still remain a few hours in the increased fat burning rate, so you will still burn body fat from the hips. The more you practice sport, the better takes place the fat utilization and metabolism of fat reserves, so you automatically lose weight with a balanced diet with the sport.
  • You should receive in addition to the endurance exercises for the hips, a wide range of cross work-outs that work your muscles in addition and stimulate growth, because increased muscle mass burns in the Ruhr phase more fat, so you do not fix this before, but as heat for example, proposed.
  • To ensure that your exercises successful and you pick up steadily even with very wide hips, you should stay in the optimal fat burning rate, this is about 130 beats per minute, a heart rate monitor during training will help you to stay organized. You should not overspend, but to focus on the problem areas and thereby once deeply and exhale.

The hips train targeted - the exercises

Some exercises focus specifically on to wide hips, so you should perform several times a week primarily to lose weight effectively.

  • You should revolve intensively by ordinary or new sports Hula hoop for 40 minutes, the hips, there are specifically available for losing weight and for weight loss designed tire, so that you can relate this in sporting goods stores or Internet. In the H├╝ftkreisen you should think of the bilateral training to promote a harmonious muscle growth, besides exercising the important coordination. To burn more fat, you should legged rotate the tires and also try squats during hula hoops, the faster you will lose excess pounds.
  • In addition, you should also think about building muscle, so your skin better cope with the weight loss and can adapt. Lie on your fitness ball, your feet are placed flat on the floor or a mat Fitness and hands lightly touching her temples. Raise and lower your torso now in a slight rolling movement up and down, so you feel the tense muscles of the abdomen. To ensure that your wide hips are very specifically trained, you should easily tilt your upper body during this exercise to the left and right so that the lateral muscles is trained with the hip muscles directly.
  • Additionally, you can use effectively against very wide hips biking, this offers itself in the open air or on the bicycle ergometer, you can also use at home. With an hour of this activity you can burn about 700 calories.

In addition to the constant training and adjustment of diet you should also think about the massage the skin in problem areas, thus remove, build muscles and your skin, the new, slim figure optimally adapts.

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