"Via" - meaning and use of the word

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"Via" - meaning and use of the word

"Via" is Latin for "road".

In Latin and today in Italian, the meaning of the word "via" is just "road" or "way". Who knows, the use of the term in most contexts can easily be explained.

The meaning of "via"

  • Who thinks instead of the little word "via" the expression "on the way over," is almost always correct. A "via telephone unterbreiteter proposal" is therefore a "on the way over the phone unterbreiteter proposal" - or easier - "A unterbreiteter over the telephone proposal".
  • Many directions have, for example, "via" as an option for the route calculation. In this context, it means that you can specify waypoints. If you want from Hamburg to Munich, you do not normally come across Berlin. If you set up as an appointment in the capital, so you can type in the directions "via Berlin" and get the result then is not the most direct route, but appears to over Berlin.

The use of the word

The use of "via" thus occurs both in the quite literal as well as in the transferred meaning. Some examples of the correct use of "via":

  • The Minister announced his assessment via interview.
  • She was asked via court order for payment.
  • He traveled to Frankfurt via Mannheim.
  • Picture: Hans Müller via Wikimedia Commons. In this example, this could occur in a caption, the phrase that the photo by Hans Müller made and "on" - or "through" - Wikimedia Commons was provided.

You should avoid when using "via" the following common mistakes: "He traveled via Dusseldorf" - if so the importance "He traveled to Dusseldorf" is meant. "Via Dusseldorf" means "about Dusseldorf" and thus includes the indication that the travel (possibly after a stopover) continued.