Videos falter when playing - it may be

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Videos falter when playing - it may be

Play Recorded videos flawlessly

If videos falter

  • The faltering of videos during playback can have various causes. Most of these are to be found directly in winamp end computer or its software installed and not due to a faulty video file.
  • On many computers, a lot of different programs are installed, be many of whom already loaded when you start the computer.
  • This of course affects the computer system's resources to the extent that this is simply already overloaded by playing the video. Above all, this is in MP4 videos often the case, as they are already some need when playing on computer performance.
  • When troubleshooting therefore it is all about, that the computer something "entmüllt" and is relieved. Mostly the stagnation of the videos is characterized already parked.

The PC "facilitate" playing

  1. First remove unnecessary programs from the startup of the computer, which you do not need. For this, open the Start menu, the Startup folder, click the right mouse button on the program that you want to remove, and then click the left mouse button on "delete".
  2. Repeat this procedure for all programs by which you want to remove from the startup.
  3. Not all programs, you can prevent it in this way, wasting system resources after booting. In the "MSConfig" You can prevent the startup of additional programs. Call "Start" and "Run" the file "msconfig.exe" on the input of the command and press the Enter key.
  4. In the MSConfig click on the tab "Startup".
  5. For programs whose autostart you want to turn off, remove the check mark in the appropriate entry.
  6. Then click Ok. The computer would now restart. Perform this.

Starting unnecessary software, which is the main cause of the stagnation of videos, has now been turned off. Another cause could of course also the computing power of your PC to be. If the methods indicated bring no improvement, so you should think about upgrading hardware.

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