Viking Chess - Game Guide

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Viking Chess - Game Guide

For Viking chess you need wooden blocks and a meadow.

Viking chess - the structure

Viking chess, also called Kubb, you play with two to twelve players. It is an easy-to-learn game for outdoors - whether park, garden or meadow. A Kubbspiel consists of a king, four corner rods for Yard Line, ten wooden blocks, called Kubbs, and six throwing wood.

  1. Pitch delimit. They play on an even garden plot measuring five by eight meters. Narrow with the four corner rods from by this connect it to the earth.
  2. Measure centerline. The short sides of the playing field are the baselines. In the middle between these is the center line. Measure this from by steps.
  3. King put the king, the largest Kubb, is situated in the center of the center line.
  4. Up Basiskubbs. On the two baselines you distribute five blocks in equally spaced. These are the Basiskubbs.
  5. Up team. They play in two teams. The two teams line up on the opposite baseline.

The aim of the Viking chess is to knock the opponent Kubbs. The king is the last character that you must knock.

The Instructions for Kubb

For Viking chess you need skill in targeted throwing the throwing sticks.

  1. To kick-off throw. From each team throws a teammate of his line from a boomerang to the king. This you can not meet, however. The player who throws nearer the King wins. His group begins. There are per pass six throwing sticks available.
  2. . Take Hold the throwing sticks at the end and throw it along from below. Rotating litters and overturned throwing sticks are not allowed.
  3. Basiskubbs meet. The start of the team (A) throws the six throwing sticks one by one from their line. The aim is to meet five Kubbs the other man adhesive (B), so that they may fall.
  4. Measures Kubbs throw. Team B throws the Kubbs taken from its base line in the opponent's half of the field. Try to throw the blocks just behind the center line in order to keep the throw distance as short as possible. This helps you in shedding the Kubbs. Pro Kubb the team has two attempts to place these behind the center line of the opponent. If it is possible not her opponent raises Kubbs in his half - of course far away from you.
  5. Up Kubbs. Team A, the Kubbs on at the point where they are fallen.
  6. Field Kubbs throw. Team B throws with six throwing wood initially own previously placed in the opponent's box Kubbs, the Field Kubbs, from. The fallen Kubbs remove from the playing field. If you are unable to drop all Field Kubbs, this stand. Try to meet them again in your next round.
  7. Attack Basiskubbs. Only when you have overturned the Field Kubbs in opponent field, you access the Basiskubbs the enemy to. The more own Kubbs (Field Kubbs) had to be taken before attacking the less throws remain for the attack.

Progress and playing the Viking Chess

  1. Field Kubbs throw. Team A throws the fallen Kubbs of their line from the opponent's court. Team B is on this. Team A attempts to meet the own Field Kubbs.
  2. King attack. When a team has taken all the opponent Basiskubbs, it may attack the king.
  3. Game over. The team that first brings the King to fall wins.

If the king before the opponent Basiskubbs were overturned, the game is lost.

Game variants for Kubb

Viking chess, you can vary the degree of difficulty in the game manual. To make the game easier, reduce the pitch without changing the aspect ratio. Children find it easier to throw shorter distances.

You can shorten the game time by up less Kubbs. the game quickly goes, if you sort taken Basiskubbs immediately. They play without Field Kubbs.

Many players play a variant in which they have to meet the King backwards. The player standing with his back to the king and throw by their legs or over his shoulder. This increases the difficulty and makes the other team catching up.

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