Vinegar - Freezing

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Vinegar - Freezing

The freezing points depend on the concentration.

What is vinegar?

Colloquially dilute acetic acid is called "vinegar". It is irrelevant whether this vinegar is actually incurred by dilution (eg by chemical acetic acid or commercially befindlicher vinegar essence) or by natural processes such as the oxidation of alcohols by vinegar bacteria (for example wine or cider vinegar).

Freezing of the acetic

  • Acetic acid is an organic acid, which is chemically known as ethanoic acid and the (semi) has structural formula CH 3 COOH. It is a colorless liquid, the (!) Gives off a really pungent smell of vinegar. Because pure acetic acid is corrosive, it should properly handle it. This also applies for the already commercially available product "vinegar essence" containing 25% acetic acid.
  • Pure acetic acid has a freezing point of 17 ° C. So this is above the freezing point of water, which is under normal conditions at 0 ° C.

Freezing point depression by adding vinegar

  • Anyone who has ever (accidentally) cooled bottle of apple cider vinegar or vinegar essence below 0 ° C, will probably have found surprising that this water cuts have become ice is not freezing at moderate temperatures below zero or only.
  • This effect often occurs in aqueous solutions and is called in physics "freezing point depression". A similar observation can make even in saltwater - therefore scatters one salt to thaw on ice. Just as well you could take vinegar essence (but is more expensive and the surfaces are attacked).
  • The reason for this lowering the freezing point, is that when solidifying not only the water molecules must be brought to the ice (and a sort of lattice form), but also the forces of attraction to the molecules of acetic acid must be overcome. Strictly speaking, must be broken one type bond, and that costs energy.
  • The freezing point depression of an aqueous solution of course, depends on the concentration. Thus, there is also an "optimal" concentration at which there is the lowest freezing point. This mixture is called the way "eutectic".
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